Hi I'm Shane

I’m a Data Analyst and Engineer in New York. I create helpful dashboards, machine learning models and find meaningful insight in our world of data.

What Services I'm Providing

Helping you understand your data.

Machine Learning

I have extensive experience in developing a wide range of models utilizing industry-standard libraries such as Sckit-Learn and Pytorch in Python. I have successfully employed various models, including but not limited to popular ones like random forest, Xgboost, logistic regression, and neural networks.

Data Engineering

When handling large-scale datasets, I leverage a comprehensive set of tools and technologies to ensure efficient data processing, Notably, I utilize Microsoft Azure, AWS, SQL, and PowerBI to effectively manage and analyze the data. Moreover, in the cloud environments, I employ Apache Spark, Azure Data Factories and AWS EC2 instance to construct robust data pipelines, enabling seamless data flow and transformations.

Domain Knowledge In Finance

Utilizing my comprehensive background in finance and economics, I possess valuable domain knowledge in the realms of equities, options, and bonds. Furthermore, I have garnered substantial experience in crafting meticulous technical and fundamental analyses, specifically focusing on the evaluation of equity value within companies.


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