About Me

Learning With Passion

I’m Shane Sarabdial, a perpetual student driven by a thirst for knowledge and a deep love for coding. My academic journey began with computer engineering at The City College of New York, but it wasn’t until I explored economics that I found my true inspiration. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I delved into the realm of finance, pursuing further education and ultimately achieving a Masters in finance from Fordham University in New York.


Finding Purpose

During my time at Fordham, a serendipitous reunion occurred—I rediscovered my earlier coding knowledge from my engineering days. It was then that the spark ignited, revealing my unwavering passion for data and the transformative potential of data science. Since that moment, I have embarked on numerous projects, honing my skills as a data engineer while continuously immersing myself in new technologies. Learning has become the backbone of my professional growth, fueling my unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and harnessing the power of data.

Data Analyst and Engineer

I am always learning and always willing to learn. Here are some of my strongest skills as a data engineer but I have many more.

Additional skills: PowerBI, Tableau, Git, Excel, statistics, AWS, Azure, Apache Spark, Kafka

Skills I want to improve or learn: Pytorch, AWS, Rust, Apache Spark, Hardoop, Julia, AWS Sagemaker

Data Visualization
Machine Learning
Cloud computing
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